The Important Of News Papers

News papers are great importent.They give us news of our country and other country.News papers tell us what happen here and abroad.Reading news papers improve our knowledge.We can gather more information by reading a news paper.There are meny valuble article on health,science,sport,and other subjects in a news paper.

                             A syudent who reads an English news papers will improve his or her English knowledge. You can use your free time to read a news paper.It is very favourit hobby of meny people.There meny Sinhale, English and Tamil news papers,news about deaths,weater,sport,advertisement,fligts or currency rate of a special interest.

               you can become a great journalist because of newspapers.Then, you will be well known and respected in your own country or every abroad.You can write letters to the editor os newspapers an any subject of interest. Thousand and thousands of people are employed in newspapers officers. News papers do a great service to man.Therefor I think all should read news papers. They must for all.

Written by:Dulari Harshika



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