By dulariharshika

May 29, 2010

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                        Television has became a part of our lives. But watching  T.V. has good points and bad points.First we will talk about good points of television. We can gain a lot of general knowledge.For Example we see what’s happening in and around the world and also see live telecasts of many sports educational programes,and news. Small children like cartoons and Adults like teledrams and Films,

                    Secondly  I  likely talk about the bad points of T,V. most of the time there are only cricket matches and films. All children watching T.V. spend a lot of time then our studies are all forgotten the other bad thing is that there two many channels and when children go to school they talk about the programmers they watched and not about there studies so in conclusion my opinion is that T.V. is not a threat to education.

           Reported by:Dulari Harshika

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